About Me

Hello there, my name is Keith. 

I'm a designer from Ohio and love to shoot photos & videos. 

I made my first website in 2004 to show friends our skate videos/photos (before YouTube/Flickr/Insta were things!) and have been shooting and designing ever since! I have a deep passion for making and helping others create.

This website is where I'll be posting about photo, video, and tech-related content.

I have another website that is a more personal blog called keiith.com, where I post more of what I'm working on and personal accounts of things. If you're interested in that.

When I'm not in front of a computer I love to travel with my Fiance and experience the great outdoors with our German Shepherd, Lola.

Want to Collaborate?

I love working with great people, teams, and brands. If you'd like to collaborate, send me an email at keith@keithknittel.com

If you're interested in how I go about my collaborations and how I review products, check out my methods and ethics of reviewing products

What's Up with "Aerial Guide"?

If you see some "Aerial Guide" content, that is my other project. I made that website and YouTube channel to talk about drones and cameras. I eventually renamed "Aerial Guide" to "Keith Knittel" to talk about photography, videography, and design in a more broad sense. Don't get me wrong, I love drones! But I also love talking about general content creation and design as well! I moved from the Aerial Guide brand so I could talk about more subjects than just drones, but I'll still be talking about drones on here from time to time!

There are still some remaining instances of Aerial Guide, If you go back to my first 30-ish videos, they will all have Aerial Guide intros. I was going to shut down the website in move everything to this website, but there are already people going to the Aerial Guide website and I didn't want to break all of the links or redirect them to this site.. when they thought they were going to get an "Aerial Guide" link. 

It's been a ton of work to migrate/start over! If you're looking to start a blog or YouTube channel, take some time and think about the longevity of the name and website! 

A few of my favorites

My favorite cameras (in chronological order)

  • Sony A7S III
  • Sony A7III
  • Canon 70D
  • Panasonic HMC150
  • Canon 7D
  • Nikon D90
  • Sony VX1000 w/ MK1 Death Lens
  • Sony VX2100 w/ Modded MK1 Death Lens
  • Sony VX2000 w/ mk2 Death Lens
  • Sony DCR-TRV480
  • Sony Handycam CCD-TRV37

My favorite travel destinations

  • Cairns in Queensland Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef & Rainforest
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Venice, Italy
  • The Alps in general
  • Grindelwald, Switzerland
  • Maui and Kauai, Hawaii 
  • Munich, Germany
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  • Toronto, Canada

Design-related favorites

  • Clean typefaces (this site uses Inter)
  • Hex color name: #B4DA55
  • Lists (Ordered or Unordered)
  • Properly sorted Headings on a webpage
  • Black, dark gray, gray, light gray, and white
  • Old, dirty, midwestern logos

Design Styles

  • Minimalism (although, I struggle with it!)
  • Swiss 
  • Industrial 
  • Scandinavian 

Favorite Movies

      Favorite Series

      Favorite Video Games

      • Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1-4 & U.G.
      • Call of Duty (All of them, except Infinite Warfare)
      • Escape From Tarkov
      • Fallout 3, NV & 4
      • Skyrim

      Misc Honorable Mentions

      • Traeger Grills
      • Medium Roast Coffee
      • Blackstone Flat Tops
      • Woodford Reserve

      Premium Digital Assets to Make Your Creative Life Easier

      Digital products that make workflows easier and faster, so you can get more done.

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      Inbox user interface

      Courses to Level Up Your Photo & Video Skills

      Courses ranging from getting started guides to in-depth courses on drones, photography and videography

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