Falcon Eyes APARO RADI-12 Pro Air

This is the strangest light I’ve ever used. This light costs $720 and I had more questions than answers when I first started using it. But I was using it wrong at first, and in my opinion, how you use this light is what makes it either a must-have or something you don’t need at all.

In this article, we're taking a look at this very different LED light Panel, the Falcon Eyes RADI-12 Pro Air.

The Softbox

First things first, we have to talk about it. The Falcon Eyes APARO RADI-12 Pro Air comes with an air pump. I’ve never used an inflatable LED light like this before, and wasn't exactly sure of its benefit at first.

The light packs down into a small and lightweight kit inside of the included case. The inflatable softbox, pump, a custom-fitted sheet of diffusion, custom-fitted grid, control box, extension cables, and foldable x-frame all pack down into this suitcase-looking case.

The light is advertised as being waterproof to 30 meters for 30 minutes. I have not tested this, and hopefully never will have to.

Inflating the softbox, you connect the hand pump to the bottom. Using the adapter to push air through the black plug in the light takes about 30 seconds to fully inflate. The diffusion is held on by velcro, while the grid is held in place by elastic bands. I’ve been leaving the diffusion and grid on at all times even when deflating to put it back in the case and it’s worked just fine so far. It is possible to use the light without inflating it, but the light will be dimmer due to the diffusion/grid not properly aligning with the LED panel. Would not recommend it.

LED Panel

Brightness, Size, Color Modes & Effects

The Falcon Eyes APARO RADI-12 Pro Air is a roll-able and flexible LED panel, which makes the panel lightweight and great for tight spaces. The softbox of the RADI-12 measures 6 by 14 by 25in. It’s a 90-watt panel, with 180 white, 180 yellow, and 180 RGB LEDs.

The lights are brightest at 5600k, coming in at an advertised 2070 lux at 1 meter. I don’t have any devices to test this, but to my eyes, the light is brightest in the CCT mode, while the RGB modes aren't as bright.

The light has a CCT mode where it’s adjustable from 2700K to 9999k. It also has Effects modes, HSI, and a color gels library.

Mounting Options

This light comes with a control box that can be mounted onto a stand using the included stand mount. This is nice for working in tight places, but the light also includes an extension cable if you’ll be using the light farther away and wish to have the control box in an easy-to-reach location. The control box allows you to change all of the settings.

Desal Lite+ App

This light can also be controlled via, a remote (that's a separate purchase), DMX, or the app.

This light uses the desal lite plus app, not to be confused with the desal lite app, which my other Falcon Eyes lights use. I tried to interchange the desal lite normal app with the desal lite plus app and the lights only work with the app they are designed for.

I expected this functionality but is kind of a pain to need to use multiple apps. I like using apps for my lights for the simplicity of adjusting, but having two different apps for the same brand of lights is something to note if you have older falcon eyes lights that you use with the appl.

Powering Options

When it comes to power options, this light can be used with the power adapter for running continuously, or with a 14.8-volt v-mount battery if you’re using this out in the field. And this is where I started to understand the strengths of this light.

So who is this light for?

After testing this light in my office, I found myself quickly becoming annoyed at inflating and deflating this light. It wasn't until I took this light outside to really understand why this light is awesome.

The portability of the Falcon Eyes APARO RADI-12 Pro Air is what makes this so unique for me. I was using this light to fill in some shadows while making a car video, it was nice to use this light with a V-mount battery and not need to have an extension cord to power the light. The short cable from the control box to the light makes it easy to set it down on a light stand, mount the control box to the light stand and have a lightweight kit that's easy to move around and work with. Using the app to control it remotely, and being able to pack everything up into the hard case to transport makes this light great for using it on location where bigger lights just aren't possible to use, especially if there is any water around. As soon as I thought about it, I realized this would be a great light for filming on boats and around water as well. I don’t have any experience filming with this light on a boat because it’s below freezing in Ohio right now, but I’ll be sure to get some footage with this in the future.

The more I started thinking about this light, the more it made sense for location work for tight spaces and where power isn't available. In the past, I’ve had to rely on tube lights for this kind of work but tube lights produce hard light and can’t run on big v-mount batteries for multiple hours.

I wouldn't recommend this light for just over $700 to someone who wants a small light in an office where power is available, but I would recommend the Falcon Eyes APARO RADI-12 Pro Air if you’re someone who goes on locations where there is no power and in a tight spot that still needs soft light, and the wide temperature range, RGB and effects makes this a great light package for some unique results.

If you are looking for a less-specialized light that can work in smaller studio spaces, check out my review of the falcon eyes rx-18tdx ii, which comes with a softbox and grid but is brighter and almost half the price of this Radi-12.

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