Top 10 Best Sony A7IV Accessories for Better Video & Photos

The Sony A7IV is the latest full frame hybrid photo and video mirrorless camera from Sony. It's been my camera that I've used for pretty much everything when it comes to content creation lately, and have had great results with it's 4K 10-bit video (that is oversampled from 7K!) and crystal clear photos. Paired with the right accessories, the Sony a7IV is a powerhouse of a camera!

Here are my most-used Sony A7 IV accessories after using this camera since it came out:

1. Sony A7IV Batteries

First up, batteries. I've used a mixture of USB-C Power banks, V-Mount batteries, and the NPF-Z batteries that come with the camera. I've had varying results with all of these batteries, depending on an all-day shoot with V-Mount batteries. Using the USBC power bank for locked-off shots on a tripod, or live streams. And the regular-old NPF-Z100 battery for everyday photo and video shooting. Check out my video deep-diving into Sony Powering Options here for more info!

2. Sony A7IV Filters

Filters aren't specific to a single camera, but they are an accessory that I use for every camera I own! I've been using NiSi Filters for their 1/8th and 1/4th mist filters, and the 2-5 stop Polar Pro PM VND! I've absolutely loved this combination and use them every time I go out to film in bright conditions!

3. Sony A7IV Tripods

4. Sony A7IV Filmmaking and Run & Gun Rigs

5. Sony A7IV Gimbals

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6. Sony A7IV Microphones

7. Monitors & HDMI Cables


HDMI Cables

8. Lowepro 450AW

9. Sony A7IV SD Cards & SD Card Case

10. Hard Drives & How I Use Them

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