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Timecode, Sony, YouTube

These Will Save You HOURS of Editing: Tentacle Sync Workflow

If you have multiple cameras, timecode is a life saver!

Sirui, Sony, YouTube

Cinema vs Photo Lens | Sirui Nightwalker Review

Do the Sirui Nightwalker lenses live up to the hype?

Sony FX6, Sony FX30, Lighting

How To Film A Cinematic Two Camera Interview - Sony FX6 and FX30

Let's film a cinematic two-camera interview with the Sony FX6 and Sony FX30

Sony FX3, Sony FX30, YouTube

Lighting Breakdown: Filming an Interview Outdoors with NO Lights | Sony FX3 and FX30

How to Film a cinematic interview outdoors without lights, with the Sony FX3 and Sony FX30

Sony, Sony FX30, YouTube

Best Budget Sony APSC Lenses | Sony FX30 & A6700

The best affordable Sony APS-C Lenses for the Sony FX30 and A6700

DJI, DJI Mavic 3, YouTube

DJI Mavic 3 Pro: I'm Amazed and Confused

After a few flights with the DJI Mavic 3 Pro, I expected to have much more confidence…

DJI, DJI RS3 Pro, YouTube

10 DJI RS3 Pro Tips & Shortcuts for BETTER Shots

Here is how to get the best shots out of the DJI RS3 Pro!

Sony, Sony FX6, YouTube

How to Connect DJI Mic to Sony FX6 (Or any 3.5mm Microphone) | Every Sony FX6 Needs This Cable

Every FX6 user should have this $15 cable in their bag. If you don’t have the Sony mics,…

Weddings, YouTube

How to Make A Full Time Income Shooting Weddings & Tips I Wish I Knew

Let's see how many weddings you'd have to shoot to make an "average income", and I'll…

Sony, Sony FX30, YouTube

Sony FX30: A Love/Hate Relationship After 7 Months

My Love/Hate Relationship with the Sony FX30 after 7 Months

Sony, Sony A7R V

10 Tips to Get The Most Out of the Sony A7R V

Let’s go over the 10 things to get the best results out of the Sony A7R V.

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