Best DJI Pocket 2 Accessories for Better Footage

The DJI Pocket 2 is a small, handheld camera that can shoot up to 4K, ActiveTrack subjects and shoot motion lapses all while fitting inside of your pocket. Including a few accessories can help you get better shots and in this article were going over my most-used Pocket 2 accessories.

1. Do it all handle

My first accessory for the Pocket 2 is the Do-It-All Handle. I included an explanation of what this handle does in my Pocket 2 tips and tricks article/video, so if you want to learn more, you can check out my tips & tricks here. My two favorite features of this handle are the Bluetooth for using it with your phone and the Mimo app, and the ability to use the wireless microphone. This handle is included in the Creator kit, so if you haven't purchased the camera yet, I'd recommend purchasing that kit to get this handle and some other helpful accessories. Again , if you're interested in a longer explanation, or want some tips for the Pocket 2, I'll leave a link to that video here.

2. ND Filters

My next accessories for the Pocket 2 are ND Filters. ND filters allow you to slow your shutter down to add natural-looking motion blur to your video while in bright environments. This accessory isn't unique to the Pocket 2, but since this camera has such a great picture in a small package, it's important to use ND filters to get the most cinematic-looking footage you can. This camera also has a fixed aperture, so you're not able to adjust your aperture to adjust your exposure. If you'd like to learn more about ND filters, I've made a video about the difference between no filter, ND filter and ND filter with polarization here.

I've been using the Freewell All Day pack with the ND4, 8 & 16 a ND8, 16, 32 and 64 with polarization along with a circular polarizer. They also sell the standard day pack for regular ND's or the Bright day pack for the polarized lenses. Freewell sent me these to test out, but they did not tell me to make a video or say anything about them. They're just the filters I've been using, in the past I've used Polar Pro filters and had good results, but I haven't had a chance to use them with the Pocket 2 yet.

3. Phone & Pocket 2 Holder

The next accessory is a Phone & Pocket holder. I love using my Pocket 2 with my phone attached and my favorite holder is the PGYTech holder that is made out of aluminum. It's a rigid holder that keeps my phone and pocket 2 securely attached without putting more stress on the lighting port of my iPhone. It also has a cold shoe mount on the top and a quarter twenty tripod screw on the bottom. It's a little expensive at $35 but I've tried multiple phone holders and keep coming back to this one.

4. Extension Handle

My next accessory for the Pocket 2 is the extension handle. I'm typically against selfie-style handles, but this extension handle is a well-thought out device that you can use as a selfie stick or as a device that lets you shoot closer or farther away from your subjects while still being able to control the camera. I did some test shots with this and a buddy's car and this handle allowed me to get closer to the car while we were filming. I did the same shot with my RS2 and A7III, but had to have the other car much closer to get the same shot.

A great part about the extension handle is that you can attach your phone and use the camera wirelessly with the do it all handle. This is great since you can remotely control the camera. It's a little expensive at $69 but if you use the pocket 2 a lot, this is a great addition to the camera.

5. Carbon Fiber Extension Handle for fake jib movements

The next accessory is an extension handle for gimbals. I originally bought to do fake jib movements with my Ronin a few years ago, but since the Pocket 2 has a quarter twenty mount on the bottom, you can also use it with the Pocket 2. This is a great addition to your kit if you have gimbals already and want to use this with your Pocket 2. If you purchase the extension handle, you can use that as your fake jib - but this is also usable with gimbals as well, and it's a little cheaper since it doesn't have the specific Osmo Pocket functionality. If you need a more dramatic jib movement, you can buy multiple and screw them together as well. But if you go with this route, you wont be able to mount your phone or control the gimbal with the handle, but it just depends on what you need. I obviously bought both, but you can buy these extensions on amazon from $20-$30, I bought one for $25 and I'm happy with it.

6. Dedicated lav mic

My next accessory is one that I mentioned in my Pocket 2 tips and tricks video, and that is a dedicated lav mic. If you're using the Pocket 2 with the Do-it-all handle or the wireless microphone you'll be able to attach a mic to these devices to get clearer audio, and also be able to conceal the wireless mic much easier. A wired clip-on lav mic is easier to conceal than the giant wireless mic transmitter, but that being said, if you don't mind the look of the wireless mic - you don't have to pick up a wired lav mic and just roll with the larger mic with the Pocket 2 kit. It records audio just fine, but I wanted something less distracting, so I bought a cheap wired mic on Amazon.

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7. Charging case

My next accessory is another that I've loved using with my Osmo Pocket, and that is the charging case. I've kept my Pocket 1 in the charging case whenever I wasn't using it to ensure it was always charged and ready to go. This is great while you're traveling since you always have a fresh battery as long as you keep the case charged. The case also allows you to store multiple backup SD cards and filters as well. Unfortunately, the Pocket 2 and Pocket 1 charging cases aren't compatible with each other, so I have to buy another case. They are sold out at the time of recording, but when the come back in stock I'll be ordering one.

8. Custom cases for the DJI Pocket 2

If you want more protection than the original case that is included with the Pocket 2, there are multiple other cases available as well. As in my Mini 2 accessories video, I went over my favorite messenger bag, the Peak Design Messenger, and favorite camera backpack, the Lowepro 450 aw ii - and those are both options if you have lots of accessories for the Pocket 2 and other cameras that you take around with you. But if you're looking for a custom hard case for the Pocket 2, a guy named Scotty Makes Stuff sent me a few different case options for the Pocket 2. He didn't ask me to make any videos about them, but I thought I'd include them in this video since they were such a hit in the Mini 2 accessories video.

These are custom 3D printed cases that you can use while you're still using the camera. This gives you more to hold onto and still be able to access the screen and ports while providing protection to the camera while you're using it. While you're not using it, the camera has a removable case that twists over the camera so you can throw this in a bag and not have to worry about the gimbal.

These are a great way to protect your Pocket 2, but these are a little too bulky for my taste. I like to use the Pocket 2 as a B camera and retain the smallest footprint I can, so I'm giving these cases away. If you're interested in winning these cases, comment below and follow me on Instagram to be entered to win! I'll be giving away all of these cases so you have a great chance of winning at least one! Let me know how you use your Pocket 2 and which case you like the best in the comments below.

9. DJI Care

My next accessory for the Pocket 2, is something that I get on all of my DJI Cameras - and that is DJI Care. I like getting DJI care for my Osmo devices since the gimbal is pretty fragile, dropping this camera a few times would probably break the gimbal. It's an expensive camera, but not expensive enough to justify making a claim and paying the deductible on my homeowner's insurance to replace this camera, so DJI care is a great alternative for me. Making a claim on my insurance will cause my premiums to rise, but that's not the case with DJI care. The DJI Care is $29, while my insurance deductible is a few hundred.

10. Lights

My next accessory for the Pocket 2 is a light, or if you can, multiple lights. It's no secret that lighting can make or break your shots with any camera and the Pocket 2's small sensor is pretty light hungry if you want to keep your ISO as low as possible to reduce the noise in your shots. A lightweight, small LED panel can help you get more light on your subject to help control your lighting while also adding some visual interest to your shots. Ulanzi sent me one of their VL196 lights for a previous video and I liked it so much I bought another one. These are pretty cheap LED light panels at about $55 apiece, but they charge with USB-C, are RGB, and include diffusion, a grid, and a cold shoe mount. They fit in my camera bag and can give you light in tight places where you just need an extra separation between your subject and the background, or you can also turn these up and use it as a key light for quick shots. You'll need to use a separate phone mount or tripod to mount these lights, but lighting can go a long way.

11. Upgraded tripods & Ball heads

Speaking of tripods, the next accessory for the Pocket 2, is an upgraded tripod. The tripod that comes with the creator kit is ok to use in a pinch or if you need to pack light, but it's a pretty flimsy tripod. I reached out to Ulanzi to see if they would send me a u-pod tripod and an Octopus tripod.

The U-Pod caught my eye because it was all aluminum and heavy-duty. I've been using it for my last few videos with my Ninja V, since the U-Pod has a ball head on it. It's held my ninja v recorder fine on my desk, but my only gripe is how hard it is to adjust the ball head and quick release. Since this tripod is so small, the adjustments are also small. This isn't something specific to the u-pod, but it's just a gripe I have will all tabletop tripods. It does have a cold shoe mount on the side though, so if you want to add a LED panel to the side, this is an option at about $20, if you want to save some money they have a plastic version at about $15.

The other Octopus tripod reminds me of a gorilla pod for smartphones. The octopus tripod caught my attention because it has a ball head, with a quarter-twenty mount, but also can open up to support a phone and have a cold shoe mount on top. The legs of the tripod also have a quarter twenty on the side, so you could mound an additional light or mic with a friction arm if you want to create more of a custom rig. Their website shows a DSLR camera on this tripod, which I would not recommend doing. This is great for a phone or Pocket 2, but it's not sturdy enough to hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera, but at $20, it's a good bang for the buck tripod with multiple rigging options for the Pocket 2.

12. USB Power Bank & Cables

Another great accessory for the Pocket 2 is additional power and power cables. If you're going to be shooting long videos or motion lapses with the Pocket 2, a USB power bank and additional USB-C cables are going to be invaluable for you. The power banks are great because you don't have to rely on being close to wall power while you find a great spot for a motion lapse or long-form video. I've used this many times with my Osmo Pocket 1 and have loved the freedom it gives me with my motion lapses.

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