DJI Mini 2 Accessories For Better Flights, Photos & Videos

The DJI Mini 2 is a small, light-weight drone that has an upgraded camera and motors over the original Mavic Mini. Its ability to shoot 4K video, ease of flight, and price point make this a fantastic drone for beginners, or even advanced users who travel a lot. Having the right accessories for this drone can help you unlock it's true video potential and fly safer. In this video, I'm going over my top 12 accessories for the DJI Mini 2.

1. ND Filters

Getting straight into it, my first accessory for the Mini 2 is ND Filters. When it comes to shooting natural and cinematic video with the Mini 2, or any camera, you're going to need some ND filters. ND filters allow you to shoot in bright environments while still using the 180-degree shutter rule. This allows you to introduce a gentle amount of motion blur to the moving parts of your footage while still achieving proper exposure. I have an entire video that goes into the differences of no filter, ND filters, and ND filters with polarization - so if what I just said is gibberish to you, check out that video linked above and in the description. As of right now, I'm not aware of any neutral density filters with polarization for the Mini 2, but that video is still helpful for the differences between filters. I've been using ND filters from Freewell as usual and have liked how they stayed attached to the gimbal. I've also used a few filters from Skyreat but have had issues with them falling off while I'm flying fast. If you don't know, ND filters attach to the gimbal with a clamp rather than a bayonet mount or magnets, I haven't had any issues with the Freewell filters falling off, but the Skyreat filters slipped off my gimbal once while I was using them. As a disclaimer, both companies sent me their ND filters to test, and if I had to recommend one brand over the other, I'd go with the Freewell filters. If you're flying slowly, the Skyreat filters worked fine, so if you want to save some money check those ones out. But if you plan on flying quickly, check out the Freewell filters.

2. Tablet Holder

My next accessory for the Mini 2 is a tablet holder. The Mini 2 remote shares a similar design to the Mavic Air 2, but these controllers still can't hold tablets in the controller, you'll have to use an adapter. The adapter I use is one I just found on Amazon, and I've been able to use it with all of my Mavic drones. This is particularly helpful because the Mini 2 isn't supported by the Smart Controller, not to mention the Smart Controller itself is more expensive than the Mini 2, but this means you'll need to provide the phone or tablet to fly with.

This isn't really an accessory, but more of a side note - I've had a lot of people email and DM me on Instagram saying they have had trouble with android devices and DJI drones, not just with the Mini 2. So if you're looking to purchase a DJI drone and you're using an Android device, check to see if it's compatible with the DJI fly app. I'll leave a link in the description.

3. SmartPhone Monitor Hood

Moving on to my third accessory for the Mini 2, a SmartPhone monitor hood. If you're not going to be using a tablet with the Mini 2, you'll probably be using your phone. And my iPhone's screen is very reflective if I'm out in bright sunlight, so I use a monitor hood to help keep some of the glare off of my phone screen. You'll still have glare on your phone, but it won’t be coming in from the sides, it will only be coming from in front of your screen. These monitor hoods really help in sunlight, but if it's not very sunny they aren't worth the hassle of putting them on. Unless you just want to look the part.

4. Range Extenders

My next accessory isn't something that I need to use, but I've had multiple requests to review these in the past. Range extenders aren't something that the Mini 2 really needs now that it uses OcuSync 2.0 technology, which increased the range and reliability of the signal. While I don't fly my drones far away from me, a lot of other people love to do this. If you're in this category - check out the range extenders for the Mini 2. I have not done any long-range tests with the Mini 2, nor do I want to - but some people love getting range extenders for their drones. I've used them on a few flights close to me and well within visual line of sight and they worked fine, but like I said I don't do range tests or fly very far away from myself.

5. DJI Charging Display Case

One accessory that I used all the time for my Mavic Mini is the Charging Display Case. If you're looking for the coolest way to present a drone on your desk while you're not using it, look no further than this charging case. It has a plastic dome and an LED light that shines around your drone while it's docked and charging. This case is for the Mini 1, I've ordered the case for the Mini 2 but it's been back-ordered for over 10 days at the time of recording. I'll update you guys on my Instagram when it comes in, be sure to follow me over there for more content.

6. Memory Cards + Memory Card Holder

My next accessory may be the most important, and since the Mini 2 doesn't have any internal storage, you'll want to remember these. Be sure to pick up a memory card. Or several memory cards. If you like shooting a lot of photos and videos, make sure to have more than one in case you fill one up or forget one at home. I always try to keep a Micro SD card in the drone and have an extra one with me. I've been burned by not having enough memory cards in the past and I'll never make that mistake again.

For that reason, I have a Pelican memory card holder that lives in my bag and always has multiple fresh cards. There is no worse feeling than getting everything charged, and setup, driving to your filming location, and realizing you forgot your memory card. I've used multiple cheaper memory card cases before in the past and this one is my favorite because it keeps all of my SD cards in place. When I opened up other cardholders in the past my cards wouldn't be in the cut-outs, they'd be all over the place.

7. More Batteries

And now that I think about it, SD cards might be the second most important accessory. The first would have to be batteries. You can't fly the drone without batteries, and it's easy to chew through these batteries if you're getting great shots. I've gone through all three of these batteries just because the lighting was good when I was flying and I didn't want to stop flying. Having more batteries is one of those things you'll appreciate when you need them. Buying the Fly More combo is going to get you more batteries and a great charging hub, so if you're able to get the Fly More kit, it's worth it.

8. DJI Care

My next accessory is something I get for all of my DJI drones and cameras, and that is DJI care. DJI care allows you to send back a broken camera or drone for a replacement, even if it's water damaged or busted. I have homeowners insurance, so I'm covered on those things as well, but I never want to use my homeowner’s insurance unless I absolutely have to because my rates will go up in the long term. I'll end up paying way more if I use my homeowner’s insurance than the DJI care. It's something that I get on all of my DJI drones and cameras and the only accessory I never hope I have to use, but since I like to use my cameras close to things it's a good investment for me.

9. Prop Holder

My next accessory is one that will improve your life while not flying the drone. That is to get the prop holder and use it. I regret not buying a prop holder for my Mavic Mini 1, and anytime I go to put it in my bag the props are flying around, no pun intended, all over my bag and getting caught on things. If you purchased the Fly More kit you already have one of these.

10.  Camera Bag and Custom Cases

My next accessory also has to do with storage. The fly more kit comes with a bag, but the bag inst necessarily going to hold all of your gear, and if you buy more accessories or have other cameras, it's definitely not going to hold all of your gear. I have a few different recommendations for bags depending on how much gear you have, my first one is the Peak Design sling bag. This bag has withstood the test of time and has traveled to many places with me. I love this bag for taking a drone and a mirrorless camera and additional accessories on day trips. It's the perfect size for me and has loved using it.

My next bag is the backpack that I've used for traveling as well, but this is capable of carrying a lot more gear. This is the Lowepro 450AW. It's the best camera bag I've ever used and securely fits all of my gear for longer trips (or shoots for clients that I need more gear for). It's a great bag and will gladly buy another in the future.

My next storage methods are from a guy names Scotty Makes Stuff. He sent me over some of his 3D printed drone and battery cases. If you're looking for a hardshell case for your Mini 2 and battery case, check out his shop. He sent me these cases and didn't mention anything about reviewing them or anything like that. When he first reached out to me about 3D printed cases, I was a little skeptical about the quality since all of my 3D printed products have been pretty weak and thin, but these are thick cases that almost feel like they've been sanded and painted. They are pretty sturdy and if you're not a bag or backpack person, they could be worth checking out. I'll leave a link to his 3D printed cases in the description.

11. Landing Pads

When it comes to landing your drone, you have a few different options. If you're on a flat level surface, you can land on the ground but often that isn't the case. If you want to land on the ground, and there are slight obstructions like grass, dirt, or weeds, landing gear could be enough to raise your drone up to avoid the props catching any objects. I don't have any landing gear for the Mini 2, but there are two that caught my eye. One is a kind that snaps on, but you'll have to unfold the drone, snap on the landing gear then unsnap it again when you go to fold it up. There is another type that attaches to the drone and allows it to fold up, but it's always attached to the drone and some certain accessories, like the prop holder, may not work anymore.

A compromise between landing gear is landing pads. I have a PGYtech landing pad that I use when showing beginners how to fly drones because it's so easy to set up and use. Just unfold it and throw it on the ground, and it fits in the laptop sleeves of my peak design or Lowepro bags.

My final way and this is actually anti-accessories, is catch landing your drone. This is a pretty advanced way of landing your drone, and you don't have to do it if you're not comfortable, but if you do want to catch land your drone and want to learn more, I made a video all about catch landing your drone here

12. Drone Strobe Lights

If you plan on flying your drone at dusk or dawn, or with a waiver at night in the United States at least, you'll need to have a light that's visible up to 5 statute miles away. The cheap lights I use are from Ulanzi and I've used them on my original Mavic Mini and other larger Mavic drones while flying at civil twilight and has made a huge difference in my flights. Having a bright light that you can change the colors or light patterns make flying in low light significantly easier. If you'd like to learn more about this strobe light, I made an entire video about it as well, that I'll link above and in the description too.

Those are the accessories that I use, or that have been most requested to use for the DJI Mini 2. I absolutely love traveling with this drone and having a few of the right accessories make my flights more enjoyable and my footage better.

I’ve recently made a tips and tricks for the Mini 2 video so if you want to learn more about the Mini 2, make sure to check that either the video.

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