How to Connect DJI Mic to Sony FX6 (Or any 3.5mm Microphone) | Every Sony FX6 Needs This Cable

Every Sony FX6 user should have this $15 cable in their bag. If you don’t have the Sony mics, wireless audio is a pain point when it comes to the Sony FX6, but this cable helps if you find yourself using wireless lavs, especially dual-channel wireless lavs.

I have a lot of different wireless microphones, and before this, I was internally recording on the transmitters and syncing in post, which was a real pain. I still record internally on my DJI or Rode Go II mics but it’s only for a backup now.

The Splitter Cable

Starting off with the cable, this is a 3.5mm TRS stereo to Dual XLR splitter cable. Based on your mic settings, it can take a stereo signal from one transmitter, or with both mics recording at once, you can record each transmitter on its own audio track in the Sony FX6. I like this cable specifically, since it’s shorter. There is a little bit of slack, but it's not tight enough to be pulling on the audio ports.

These settings may change based on your environment, but these are what I landed on for my Sony FX6 and DJI Mics.

Sony FX6 Wireless Audio Settings

Going over my audio settings on the Sony FX6:

Sony FX6 and DJI Mic settings

Now, going over my audio settings on the DJI Mic receiver:

Now, here are some tests against the internal recording on the DJI Mics vs the audio that was sent to the FX6 (check the video at the top of the page for these tests, obviously!).

One Weird Thing If You're Recording With One Wireless Lav

One weird thing, if you’re recording with one transmitter, in stereo, the splitter will make the left audio on one channel, and the right audio on the other. However, since this is a stereo cable, the you’ll have two track, but each track will have a left and a right of the same audio. So make sure to adjust your audio levels so your left channel is only playing out of the left speaker, and vice versa for the right.

Or if you get lazy in post, you can mute one channel and you then have a left and right mono mix.

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