The 12 Best Sony FX30 Accessories for Better Shots

These are my favorite accessories to use with the Sony FX30 for better shots!

1. Batteries for the Sony FX30

When it comes to battery life, the Sony FX30 has the same great battery life as the FX3 and A7S III, but when it comes to long shoots, the internal battery will never be enough. Below are a few different powering options for the FX30, and here is a post going over my preferred ways of powering my Sony cameras.

2. Memory Cards

Using the correct memory cards with the Sony FX30 will allow you to use all the recording options, like XAVC-I. So for the higher frame rates and codecs like 4K 60 in XAVC-I, you'll want to use a v90 card. However, if you're shooting XAVC-S or HS, you'll be able to use a v60 card when filming in 4K. I typically use v60 cards for most of my shoots!

3. Microphones

The Sony FX30 can be purchased with or without the XLR handle unit. The more budget-friendly option if you don’t plan on using this camera with XLR inputs, or prefer the 3.5mm input-type microphones is to buy the camera for $1798 and not purchase the handle. There are still plenty of ways to get good clean audio without XLR. Below are some of my favorites, and here is a link to the different microphones I use for filmmaking.

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4. Cage & Rig

One of the great parts of the FX30, is that it almost identically shares the same body (slightly different materials and size, but pretty much the same) as the full-frame FX3. The camera body has multiple rigging points that could eliminate the need for a cage and top handle (if you but the XLR handle unit). I still prefer the cage around my cameras incase one falls or is dropped, it’s much easier to replace a cage and accessories than a camera body! Here is a link to my Sony A7S III rig for filmmaking, most of these parts are the same but I’ve included an updated link to the cage below.

5. Lenses

This is a hot-topic, but the Sony FX30 is my B or C camera, and all of my other cameras are full frame. So if you have a similar setup, or are wanting to upgrade to full frame setups in the future, this is a great list to use!

If you're not looking to upgrade to full frame, and want to save some money - check out my reviews of the Sony 15mm, Sony 11mm and Sony 10-20 PTZ lens. Those are all full frame and fantastic lenses!

Otherwise, here are my favorite lenses to use with the FX30! For when I use each lens, check out the YouTube video linked above.

6. Gimbal

When it comes to steady footage, especially it you're filming in 8K where the stabilization is disabled, you're going to need a solid gimbal. I've been using the DJI RS3 Pro and have absolutely loved it. It's a larger, more expensive gimbal, but you only need one gimbal and this one will reliably perform on your shoots. I've loved using the DJI RS3 Pro, it's been a lifesaver - especially at weddings with the quick-locking arm mechanism!

7. Monitor / Recorder

For monitoring footage with the Sony FX30, I've been using my Atomos Ninja V. Even on bright days, the image is reliable and can be viewedat multiple angles. The ability to load LUTs onto the monitor and use tools like false colors and focus peaking make things easy to monitor at a glance. I choose the Atomoa Ninja V since it's also a recorder, and while I don't always record ProRes RAW, it's nice to have the option.

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8. Cases and Backpacks

For backpacks, these are my two current setups. I've been using the Lowpro 450 AWII when I need to transport a lot of gear around at once, and the Peak Design 6L Sling when I need a light weight kit and only bring one body and lens, other lens and one battery/memory cards. It's been great to travel light, I almost forget I have my sling on my back!

9. Peak Design Strap

10. Storage

Samsung T7's, WD my passport, WD black or Toshiba external hard drives

11. Lights

This is number 11, and technically an honorable mention.. but this should be number one for any camera. Lights will allow your camera to perform it's best.

Check out some of my lighting reviews here!

12. Tripod

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