The BEST Sony A7S III Accessories

1. Batteries

Having plenty of batteries is a must with the Sony A7S III. The battery life is good, but for longer shoots, you'll want more juice than the Sony NPFZ-100 can provide you. 

I've been using 9V 3A USB-C power delivery power banks if I'm in a setting where the camera is locked off and not moving. Since these only require a USBC PD cable to power the camera for as long as the power bank has power. 

If you're looking to be mobile and power your camera all day, you'll want a V-Mount battery and a camera rig. The two batteries I've been using are the FXLION Nano TWO and the ZG Cine 90W battery.

I have a video going over my powering options for Sony cameras here if you're interested in learning more.

2. Memory Cards

3. Cage & Rig

There are a few different ways to rig up this camera, check out my different rig video here.

4. Microphones

5. Lenses

My favorite Sony zoom lens is currently the Sony 24-105, if I need a lot of reach - however the Sony 24-70 GM II is almost double the price, but also is very fast and sharp thanks to the XD linear motors in that lens. It's so sharp, it's almost like shooting on f/2.8 primes, and the autofocus is very sticky when paired with the Sony A7S III with the proper autofocus settings.

When I need some faster lenses, I love using primes. My go-to primes for the A7S III are:

6. Gimbal

7. Monitor

8. Cases and Backpacks

9. Peak Design Strap

10. Storage

11. Lights

This is number 11, and technically an honorable mention.. but this should be number one for any camera. Lights will allow your camera to perform it's best

12. Tripod

The tripods I've been using have been the SmallRig tripods, Manfrotto bowl head tripods that are lighterweight than the huge (and heavy) studio tripods, and my 3LeggedThing tripod. All depends on the type of shoot and how light weight I need the camera to be if I'll be moving around. For any panning shots, I'll use the bowl head Manfrotto tripod out in the field. If I'm in the studio, having a beefy tripod makes life easier but lugging it around gets old if you're needing to move around!

13. Wireless Remote

WIreless Remotes make your life easier, whether it's the Sony remote or the commander module. Being able to wirelessly control the camera with basic operations can make things easier on small teams and 

14. Cleaning Supplies

Since the sensor of the A7S III is right behind the lens, and swapping lenses exposes the sensor, it's important to have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand. And lots of them. I use rocket blowers and sensor swabs to keep my sensor clean while filming. It only takes one piece of dust to get on your sensor to ruin an entire day of filming if you're not careful!

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