Will Chat GPT Take My Job? I Asked AI To Remake My Content, Here Is How It Went

With the threat of AI taking my job, I wanted to learn just how far along are we? Is it possible for AI to take my job? I had AI recreate my most recent video, one that I did a lot of testing and comparing for, to see if AI could have just done this job for me.

I asked Chat GPT to come up with a comparison script for the Sigma 18-50 vs the Tamron 17-70 for the Sony FX30. Let’s see how it did.

My Thoughts

It’s strange how the layout of this review is similar to the structure of my reviews, but almost all of the important details were wrong.

This is pretty weird because if you didn’t know any better, and I just generated this script, didn’t fact check it at all, that still sounds like a pretty compelling review, even though none of it was true. It’s almost impressive how confidently wrong it was.

I will continue to research and write my scripts myself, but taking a step back and thinking about this. This is a little concerning for the future of YouTube and online content in general.

I can see someone using AI to generate a script to save some time, just to be given the wrong information without knowing it.

AI is here to stay, and I think it’s important to know how to use it, but also do your due diligence. It’s up to creators to fact-check and make sure answers are actually correct, and it’s our responsibility to be the last line of defense that what we're saying is actually true.

Sometimes you can’t even trust the manufacturers giving you the spec sheets. And they made the thing.

Here is a link to my original video that I actually researched.

Please learn how to use AI in a helpful way, because it is here to stay and help you get work done faster. But make sure to do your own research, so you’re not saying a lens is silver, when it clearly isn’t.

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