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Sony, Sony FX30, YouTube

The 12 Best Sony FX30 Accessories for Better Shots

These are my favorite accessories to use with the Sony FX30 for better shots!

Sony FX6


Let's check out the best ND filters for the Sony FX6.................

Sony FX6, YouTube

Sony FX6 Review | First Impressions Pros & (mostly) Cons

After using the FX6 for a month, I wrote down the pros and cons of this camera. While I'm…

Freewell Filters, YouTube, Filmmaking

Freewell K2 Filter System - Magnetic filters changing the game again

This is the new Freewell K2 filter system. This compact filter system lets you…

Sony FX30, Sony, YouTube

My Sony FX30 Rig | Run & Gun vs All Day Filming Setup

Let's build a Sony FX30 Rig! With links to all products used.

Sony, Sony FX6

Sony FX6 Base ISO for S-Log3 & S-Cinetone

Here are the Base ISO values for the Sony FX6 in S-Log3, S-Cinetone & No Picture Profile

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“Very good for the Mavic 2 pro, if there are other such good color profiles in the package, I would be happy to order it”

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