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Sony 28-70 vs Sony 24-70 GM II - Is There a $1900 Difference?

If you want a midrange zoom lens, is it better to go with the cheapest and just work…

Sony FX6, FX3 & FX30 - This would take these cameras to the Next Level

I'd love to see these Sony FX6, 3, and 30 improvements for MKII!

I thought about going full-time YouTube, but…

Being a full-time YouTuber or content creator seems like a dream job. If you’re…


Hollyland Lark M2 Introduces a New Wireless Microphone, Small in Size Yet Big in Quality and Output

This microphone is smaller than any other microphone they have made in the past, coming…

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Zeapon Axis 120 Pro Review | The Best Slider for $1000?

This is the Zeapon Axis 120 Pro slider. This has 47-inch carbon fiber rails, pan and tilt…

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What You Should Know About The Sirui Rapid SVT75 & SVH15 Tripod System

After using the Sirui Rapid System for 2-3 weeks, here is what I learned.


Hollyland Mars 400S Pro - Wireless Video Transmission for Filmmakers

Hollyland Technology is releasing their newest upgrade in wireless video transmission,…

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Sigma 18-50 vs Tamron 17-70 | Best Budget FX30 Zoom?

The Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 and Tamron 17-70 f/2.8 are APS-C zoom lenses that are very…

Sony Viltrox 16mm f/1.8 | Best Budget Ultrawide, Ultra Fast Lens?

This is the Viltrox 16mm f/1.8 for full-frame Sony E mount cameras. It costs, $549…

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Digital products that make workflows easier and faster, so you can get more done.

“Very good for the Mavic 2 pro, if there are other such good color profiles in the package, I would be happy to order it”

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